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Sandwiches & Burgers Weymouth MA, Massachusetts


Anytime you crave sandwiches & burgers, Weymouth, MA has what you need at Burtons Grill. Our restaurant is open 7 days a week to satisfy your cravings at lunch and dinner. We’re one of the best places to stop near Weymouth, MA for great ingredients served between buns or bread. You can always count on the quality and freshness of the food we serve to set our restaurant a bar above the rest.


Try Something New. Order Sandwiches Weymouth, MA Foodies Endorse

Don’t settle for regular burgers or sandwiches. Weymouth, MA diners have the fortune to be right down the street from Burtons Grill. Our fresh, locally sourced ingredients are carefully selected to provide you with exciting and creative sandwiches and burgers in Weymouth, MA. Whether you’re craving fish, poultry, or beef we’ve got the perfect menu item to satisfy your hunger.


Exceptional Ingredients Make our Perfect Sandwiches in Weymouth, MA

One of the hallmarks of a delicious sandwich is the freshness of its ingredients. You can tell the difference between a freshly prepared meal and one that comes out of the freezer. Enjoy the subtle tastes of ingredients when preservatives aren’t in the mix. Try some of these perfect flavor pairings in our sandwiches and burgers:


California Chicken Sandwich, $12.95: Bronzed chicken breast, cured ham, chipotle mayonnaise, guacamole, and cheddar cheese on griddled ciabatta, served with hand cut French fries. Amongst the best sandwiches Weymouth, MA lunch goers can find!


Maxx Burger, 13.95: Certified Angus beef, topped with American cheese on a griddled bun with shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, Burtons’ special sauce, and crispy onion straws, served with hand cut French fries. Everyone agrees on the quality of our burgers. Weymouth, MA diners can enjoy our juicy burgers for lunch or dinner any day!


Enjoy Sandwiches & Burgers in Weymouth, MA with Us Today

Stop by for lunch or dinner, or call and make a reservation at (781) 749-1007. We look forward to seeing you at our restaurant off of Route 53 in nearby Hingham. For exceptional sandwiches, Weymouth, MA diners know where to go, and for mouthwatering burgers, Weymouth, MA residents come to Burtons Grill every day of the week.

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