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Allergy Commitment

Dining out with food allergies can be extremely stressful. Burtons Grill & Bar takes the worry away so you are free to enjoy your experience from start to finish.

We take the responsibility of safely serving our guests with food allergies and dietary restrictions very seriously. Most of our menu items can be modified to eliminate allergens and/or accommodate specific nutritional needs. Each staff member goes through extensive allergy and safety training, and a manager personally inspects all incoming orders to ensure special requests are carefully prepared. In addition, your food will be delivered by an allergy specialist as a final safety check.

We’re proud to have earned the trust of the allergy community over the last 16 years. If you're dining with food allergies, we invite you to come see the Burtons Grill difference for yourself!

We Are A Peanut-Free Restaurant

Common Allergies We Account For:

Dairy Allergy

Fish Allergy

Nut Allergy

Shellfish Allergy

Egg Allergy

Gluten Allergy

Peanut Allergy

Soy Allergy

Dining gluten-free? The sky is the limit with our broad gluten-free menu. The only worry you’ll have is deciding which of our many amazing appetizers and cocktails to try first.

For your main course, indulge in our fantastic Crab Cakes or delicious Maxx Burger (piled high with gluten-free onion strings and smothered in our signature Maxx Sauce). Then finish your experience with our decadent 7-Layer Chocolate Cake!

Whatever your dietary requirements, we know you’ll have a delightful dining experience with us.