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At Burtons Grill, we’re known for our wide-ranging gluten free menu & safely serving guests with celiac disease – but there’s a world of other food allergies & dietary restrictions we accommodate in our restaurants every day.

Allergy training is required for every member of our team, and our made-from-scratch menu & extensive allergy protocols enable us to customize almost any dish. No matter your needs, we look forward to delighting you with a safe & delicious meal.

How It Works

We take the responsibility of safely serving our guests with food allergies & dietary restrictions very seriously. 

1. Before seating your party, our host team will ask if anyone needs a gluten free menu.

We color-code our menus so servers can instantly recognize gluten free guests.

2. While greeting the table, your server will ask if anyone in your party has a food allergy.

When we do have guests with dietary restrictions, a manager is notified immediately.

3. All allergy orders are written on a purple card, signaling that your order requires special care.

Purple cards are passed to the manager running the kitchen, who provides specific instructions to the cooks preparing your meal.

4. Our cooks prepare your food using sanitized equipment set aside specifically for allergy orders.

After washing hands & changing gloves, we retrieve a fresh set of color-coded knives, cutting boards & utensils that only your allergen-free food will touch.

5. As your food is plated, the manager re-confirms that no allergens are present before allowing it to leave the kitchen.

All menu items can be cross-checked to a database that lists every ingredient used in its preparation, leaving allergens no place to hide.

6. Your food is delivered to the table by a manager or allergy-certified specialist. Time to dig in!

Allergy orders are always served on square plates – a sign that your meal has passed our safety checks & is ready to be enjoyed.


We are so very appreciative of your focus on allergens! One of the few places my daughter is not afraid to eat at!

– Jennifer B., Charlotte, NC

I LOVE coming here! Eating out with food allergies is always a challenge, but never at Burtons! You are always so accommodating and have the best staff to ensure I eat safely!

– Dylan C., Boca Raton, FL

Fantastic dinner, service and attention to detail with my multiple food allergies!!!

– Patricia W., South Windsor, CT

The staff is always friendly and accommodating, especially for those with food sensitivities. I have celiac and absolutely love the extensive gluten free menu. I have never experienced any issue with cross contamination. Thank you!!

– Dawn Z., Riverdale Park, MD

My daughter has celiacs and my son is gluten intolerant. This is the first restaurant where there was a full menu that was completely gluten free. My kids were beyond excited when they saw this… Definitely our new favorite restaurant…

– Chris L., Richmond, VA

…Our server was 100% on point with our Gluten Free – Celiac – Tree Nut – Shellfish allergies. The food was 100% safe but most importantly DELICIOUS. Burtons is an amazing place! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

– Rich L., North Andover, MA


The Big Nine & Beyond

{ Our restaurants are 100% peanut-free. }




Tree Nut



Fin Fish



We can safely accommodate guests with a wide variety of food allergies. Please discuss your needs with your server & we’ll be happy to create a custom dish.

Watch Our Team Prepare an Allergy-Safe Meal

No Allergies Required

We treat every request with the respect it deserves, from severe allergies to personal preferences. Our goal is for you to love your meal, whether you’d like your french fries without salt or want us to hold the onions. 

We don’t stop at ingredients: If you’d like us to split your dessert, prefer to order half a salad, or want your steak pan-seared instead of grilled, just let your server know – we’ll take care of the rest.

Treat Yourself to a Delicious, Worry-Free Meal