About Us

Since opening our doors in 2005, Burtons Grill & Bar has had a simple goal in a complex and highly competitive business, “Delight every Guest“ one at a time. Consistency, integrity, and passion guide us. Whether it’s our traditional fare you have come to love, or our chef-driven, innovative local preparations, we promise to keep you coming back for more.

With our legendary scratch kitchen, we are able to customize our menu offerings to meet your dietary needs or wants.

Our business is about balance, providing guests with an array of high-quality food and beverages, served by friendly knowledgeable staff. Our mission never varies, excellence is our choice so that we keep your loyalty. We appreciate your loyalty and we know we must earn it every visit.

The { B } Promise

From our hospitality, kitchen, and management staff at each restaurant, to our corporate and executive teams, every Burtons Grill employee does their part to uphold our 7 guiding principles. We owe it to each other to work hard and to work smart; to be respectful, optimistic and hopeful; and to be positive about ourselves, each other, and the future.

  • Integrity

  • Initiative

  • Knowledge

  • Quality

  • Teamwork

  • Balance

  • Fun

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Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly

We're proud to be a trusted dining destination for gluten-free and allergy friendly meals, with every member of staff trained in our stringent allergy protocols. Almost everything on our menu can be made gluten free, and because we cook from scratch, we can customize most meals to eliminate allergens upon request. From designated cookware, to special plating, to manager-delivered meals, we are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience for any allergy or lifestyle.

Learn more about our Allergy Commitment

Letting Kids {B} Choosy

Launched in 2011, our {B} Choosy children’s menu is designed to offer children unlimited options for a healthy and balanced meal. Modeled after the US Department of Agriculture’s MyPlate program, the {B} Choosy kids menu allows children to choose from a list of ingredients and preparation methods, portioned and served according to MyPlate's guidelines for nutrition. The best part: {B} Choosy makes mealtime fun! Whether your kids are picky eaters or adventurous ones, there's something for them to enjoy at Burtons.

In addition to {B} Choosy, our Shrewsbury, MA location is proud to be certified in Autism awareness and support, and offers visual menus to aid autistic kids and adults in choosing a delicious meal that meets all their needs.

View our {B} Choosy Menu