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One of the best things about Burtons Grill is we offer delicious and fresh food from the best scratch kitchen Hartford, CT has in the area. When you go out to eat, we know that you don’t want prepackaged food. You want a delicious meal that is made from scratch from some fresh and local ingredients. When you come to Burtons Grill, you get food that is made the second you order it by chefs who know what they are doing. For food from a delicious scratch kitchen near Hartford, CT, come to Burtons Grill today. We know you will love it.


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At Burtons Grill, prepackaged food might as well be against the law. We just don’t do prepackaged food. We make sure to source all of our ingredients locally, and that we make all of our food ready to order at our scratch kitchen near Hartford, CT. When you come in, no matter what dish you order, rest assured that it is made only from the freshest ingredients around town. We know you will enjoy your experience at Burtons Grill, and that you will enjoy the food you are served.


The Scratch Kitchen Hartford, CT Residents Enjoy

When looking for a great place to dine, Hartford, CT residents come to Burtons Grill. We offer only the best service, ingredients, and food. If you are interested in dining at the scratch kitchen, Hartford, CT residents enjoy, please contact us at (860) 432-4575 to reserve a table.

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