Our 2021 Fall & Winter Menu

Our 2021 Fall & Winter Menu

Every spring and fall, you can find our culinary team hard at work creating a new version of our menu. Reflecting the changing of the seasons, this bi-annual update allows us to feature seafood at its freshest and produce at the peak of its flavor. It also gives us the perfect opportunity to bring back guest-favorite recipes from years past. In the spring we feature our brightest and freshest dishes, while fall brings cravings for the rich and hearty. We love to see the excitement when one of our classic menu items comes back after a period of absence.

This fall, we have a cornucopia of delicious new and returning dishes to share. Keep reading for a full overview of our features, available now through fall and winter.

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New & Updated Recipes

CRISPY FALAFEL / This brand new appetizer was created by Chef Eric LeBlanc, Culinary Director of our sister restaurant Red Heat Tavern. When we tasted it, we knew it needed to be on the menu at Burtons Grill. The chickpea and spinach fritters are lightly fried, plated over a swoosh of harissa whipped feta, and topped with dollops of creamy za’atar yogurt. Served with house made everything seasoned pita crackers and a simply dressed mixed green salad, we think Crispy Falafel is the perfect way to start your meal.

PAPPARDELLE BOLOGNESE / Is there a better comfort food than Pasta Bolognese? Ours features a house made beef, pork and veal meat sauce and comes served with crispy garlic ciabatta toast points. This year, we’ve updated the hearty classic to include fresh pappardelle sourced from Lilly’s Fresh Pasta* in Everett, MA. Founded in 1986 by the Italian-born D’Alelio family, Lilly’s makes incredible, traditional, fresh italian pasta from just North Dakotan semolina, eggs and filtered water. It’s truly indulgent, and makes our Bolognese the perfect dish to enjoy as the weather gets colder.

Returning Favorites

BRAISED SHORT RIBS / Our tender braised short ribs are a staple of cold weather cuisine. Served au jus over mashed potatoes and broccoli, this dish is simply prepared with decadent savoriness. This year we’ve brought back our classic house made horseradish crema to top things off with a zesty kick. It’s truly stick-to-your-ribs (no pun intended) fare.

SHORT RIB GRILLED CHEESE / Where there’s short ribs, there’s Short Rib Grilled Cheese! We’ve seen more requests for the return of this sandwich than any other dish over the last several months. Our tender braised short ribs are paired with oozy melted cheddar, bright pickled onions, and sweet and spicy maple sriracha sauce. All that inside toasty griddled ciabatta, served au jus for dipping. We don’t know any other way to describe it besides heavenly.

BEET SALAD / Another all-time guest favorite, our Beet Salad is back on the menu with its original molded presentation. The eponymous roasted, marinated beets are topped with layers of caramelized onions, candied walnuts, and goat cheese, then crowned with a tower of artisan greens. To us, the sweet earthiness of beets is the perfect embodiment of fall flavors, and we look forward to enjoying them every year.

HARVEST VEGETABLE BOWL / Speaking of beets, we couldn’t feature them in only one dish. Our Harvest Vegetable Bowl is built on a roasted veggie trio of beets, butternut squash, and brussels sprouts, served over a brown rice & quinoa blend, and topped with goat cheese crumbles, candied walnuts, and dried cranberries. Add a drizzle of house made maple dijonnaise dressing and tuck in for a delicious feel-good meal.

SOUTHWEST CHICKEN SALAD / Also known as the BBQ Chicken Salad, this dish can usually be found on special during the summer months. We felt that the Tex-Mex flavors would also make a wonderful addition for the fall, rounding out our salad selections with a bit of flair. Like all our fall additions, the Southwest Chicken salad is packed with hearty ingredients like black beans, grilled corn, bacon, cheddar, crispy tortilla strips and tender BBQ chicken breast. Since our fall menu launch in early October, this salad has been one of our best-selling dishes; it’s definitely worth a try next time you dine with us.

If you’re craving hearty, seasonal flavors, we think you’ll love our new Fall & Winter menu. There are so many classics worth trying for the first time, or revisiting for those who love them already (plus a few new items for all to enjoy).

Sometimes guests ask why we take popular dishes off the menu for the season. It all goes back to our dedication to quality ingredients and seasonal preparations. We truly believe that our food is excellent because of the care we take in selecting our ingredients, and we are proud to have never compromised on our promise to serve delicious, honest food we want to eat ourselves.

If there’s something you’d like to see on our next menu update, never hesitate to leave us a Share Your Experience review with your request. We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you in our dining room this holiday season!

*Used at all New England and Mid-Atlantic locations.