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Paleo Danvers, Massachusetts


For dining out paleo, Danvers, MA residents should check out Burtons Grill. We are a refined, casual dining establishment that offers a great paleo diet friendly, which is available for lunch and dinner. Burtons Grill is unique because we pride ourselves on catering to those with gluten allergies and preferences. Because everything in our kitchen is made from scratch, we realized that we have a unique ability to create paleo options with more ease than restaurants that use frozen, preordered food.

A Commitment to Paleo Danvers, MA Diners can Appreciate

Here at Burtons Grill, we take pride in our commitment to food that is paleo. Danvers, MA diners that are on strict diets can come to our restaurant for not only great food, but also an experience that doesn’t feel like they are being singled out. We go above and beyond to accommodate all of our guests, and welcome anyone into our restaurant to enjoy our fresh-made appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

We Go Above and Beyond for Paleo Diners Danvers, MA

Burtons Grill goes above and beyond for diners who require options that are paleo. Danvers, MA residents can come to Burtons Grill in the North Shore Mall for delicious paleo food options for both dinner and lunch. To schedule a reservation at Burtons Grill for lunch or dinner, call us today at (978) 688-5600. When it comes to paleo, Danvers, MA diners can trust in the delicious, flavor-packed variety of options at Burtons Grill.

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