Vegetarian Restaurants Lexington MA, Massachusetts


When it comes to vegetarian restaurants, Lexington, MA locals are sometimes hesitant to dine out. Many restaurants are unaccommodating to diners who are on specific diets. At Burtons Grill, we believe that this it is important to offer fresh, quality fare to all of our valued guests. We believe in providing great options for all types of eaters, whether they have food allergies, or if they identify as vegetarian. Other restaurants in Lexington, MA might do a poor job of accommodating, but this will never be the case at Burtons Grill.

Trusted Vegetarian Restaurants Lexington, MA Can Rely On

For the best when it comes to vegetarian restaurants, Lexington, MA residents come to Burtons Grill. We offer a vegetarian menu for our guests. Because all of our menu items are made from scratch, it is easy to monitor exactly what ingredients go into a dish. This makes it possible to construct specifically vegetarian dishes that are not lacking in terms of quality or flavor. Come in to try some of our top-notch vegetarian options such as:

  • Mediterranean Angel Hair, $14.95: Artichoke hearts, roasted tomatoes, spinach and kalamata olives blended with white whine and feta cheese, served over angel hair pasta.
  • Farmer’s Market Rigatoni, $15.95: Sautéed zucchini, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes tossed with our house made oregano tomato cream sauce.


Vegetarian Restaurants for Lexington, MA Locals

If the topic of conversation turns to vegetarian restaurants, Lexington, MA locals tend to turn to one single option. Burtons Grill serves up great food that is accommodating to all types of diets. Call us today at (781) 221-2281 to make dinner or lunch reservations. For the best in vegetarian restaurants, Lexington, MA vegetarians can turn to the experts at Burtons Grill.

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