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Gluten Free Westford MA, Massachusetts


Finding a gluten free Westford, MA, restaurant can be difficult. Gluten is found in many common foods, and celiac sufferers need to know they can trust kitchen staff to prepare items without exposure to gluten. Burtons Grill offers a full menu of gluten sensitive appetizers and entrees. Ask your server for any special meal preparations, so we can better serve your needs each time you visit.


Tasteful Gluten Free Westford, MA, Menu Options

Finding gluten free options that taste great isn’t challenging at Burtons Grill. Our dedicated attention to detail makes our wait staff and chefs sensitive to any special needs requests our diners make. Being gluten sensitive shouldn’t preclude you from enjoying a great sandwich. Try our gluten free Westford, MA, Black and Blue Burger, 13.95, with certified Angus beef and ground chuck, topped with buttermilk blue cheese, arugula, balsamic mayo and peppered onions on a toasted bun, served with hand-cut French fries.


Certified Gluten Free, Westford, MA

Every item on our Burtons Grill gluten free menu is considered certified gluten free. We have modified menu items so you can enjoy your restaurant experience regardless of your gluten sensitivity. You no longer have to stick with salad with our full gluten free Westford, MA, menu. In the mood for pasta? Try the Shrimp Feta Pasta, 21.95, featuring shrimp sautéed in butter, garlic, white wine and seasonings, blended with feta cheese, roasted tomatoes, spinach and Kalamata olives, served over gluten free pasta.


Reserve Your Spot for Gluten Free Westford, MA, Dining

Burtons Grill is open 7 days a week for all your lunch and dinner gluten free dining needs. Call us today at (978) 692-1220 for more information or to reserve a table. Stop by for a weekday bite or enjoy an evening on the town with a weekend dinner for your whole group to dine. Gluten free Westford, MA, diners know Burtons Grill is a fantastic choice for an enjoyable meal.