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happy hour Shrewsbury ma, Massachusetts


Ever wonder about happy hour in Shrewsbury MA? The town of Shrewsbury is found in Worcester County and it is quite a small town in the state of Massachusetts. Having a population of almost 35,000 does not stop the residents from interacting and having some of the best happy hour times in the town. You, of course, know what happy hour means and what it entails but have you ever had a happy hour in Shrewsbury ma? You can enjoy happy hour with your friends or have a session after hours with your colleagues. You will find many bars that are offering and you are better off going to bars that are quite popular to make your experience a one of a kind event!

What is happy hour all about?

Happy hour is simply a designated time offered by bars or clubs where its patrons are able to enjoy drinks at a much-discounted price. It is usually timed and lasts up to 4 hours. Most happy hour places offer beer as a drink but some also offer cocktails. Some restaurants that serve alcohol have also started picking up on the tradition in order to attract more people to their establishments. Most happy hour sessions are not limited to a specific group but there are places where you find a happy hour session for ladies.

In short, happy hour in Shrewsbury ma is simply a marketing tool that alcohol-serving establishments use to offer discounts on alcoholic drinks. The main aim is to attract a large crowd that will hopefully stay after the happy hour sessions are over. When you visit an establishment that has a happy hour period, you will notice that the patron’s tables are usually filled with the drinks on offer in order to take advantage of the discount offer.

How did happy hour come about?

It is interesting how happy hour never had a bearing in alcohol when the term was first coined. In fact, it was considered a time where men met with their friends and then over time, it became a reference to when women would meet their fellow women. Basically, it was a reference to a time when people would have a pleasant time whether there were alcoholic drinks or not.

It started developing into a term for alcoholic drinks enjoyment during the era of prohibition where people would meet to drink before supper time as otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to find any alcoholic drinks being served in the restaurants or other places to eat.

What are some of the dos and don’ts of happy hour in Shrewsbury MA?

Anyone who has been at a happy hour in Shrewsbury MA knows how quickly things can turn sour if a friend or a colleague ends up overindulging at this time. As much as it is a good thing to look forward to at the end of the day when someone just wants to relax, it needs to be approached with caution. Some countries have gone as far as to ban happy hour as it generally encourages binge drinking which in turn has negative effects on the person who is binge drinking and their community as well.

Most happy hour sessions begin at 5 and end between 7 and 9 pm so you can see it’s a wide window where alcohol can be enjoyed at a much-discounted price. Some establishments usually serve two drinks at the price of one or some would discount the price on a pitcher of beer. It’s all about getting cheap alcoholic beverages at a very small price

The dos of happy hour in Shrewsbury MA

  • When you are invited to a happy hour session by either your friends or workmates, you should go. Even if you have no plans of drinking, you can have the one glass of wine or a pitcher of beer or a cocktail and get to use this time to bond with whomever you are with
  • If the session is to be enjoyed with friends from work, you should try as much not to talk about work but other fun events. You should, however, talk about your personal life and escapades with caution as you are bound to see these people in the office and it can get very awkward very first!
  • Make sure to pace yourself so that you do not get carried away with the excitement of happy hour. You can decide to just show up for an hour or two and leave thereafter but if you have an open evening, then you can stay for as long as you want.
  • You can use this as an opportunity to try out that new drink that you have been eyeing. You should be careful though not to get carried away as a new drink can end up being stronger than you imagined!

The don’ts of happy hour in Shrewsbury MA

  • You shouldn’t abandon any responsibility you have in the pursuit of discounted drinks and especially if you are going to go with your colleagues. Remember at the end of the day, whether your boss was there or not, you are accountable for your own work in the office.
  • Do not get drunk during happy hour. Not only does it show you are unable to pace yourself but it will put a damper on things if you are the reason the night has to be cut short so early on!
  • Do not use this as a shrink session where you tell everyone you are with the gory details about your personal life. Unless you are drinking with your best friend, make sure you do not overshare information that could come back to hurt you!

What are some of the best bars for happy hour in Shrewsbury ma?

When in Shrewsbury ma, you will notice that happy hour begins as early as 3 pm and can go on up to 11 pm! Below are just some of the best bars you should visit for some happy hour drinks:

  • Ninety Nine Restaurant &Pub
  • VIA Italian Table
  • One Eleven Chop House
  • Uno Chicago Grill