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Craft Cocktails Shrewsbury MA, Massachusetts


Cocktails are simply a mix of at least two drinks with one being alcoholic drinks. Cocktails, when done well, can make a bar or a club very famous and that’s why you find a lot of said places focusing on craft cocktails in Shrewsbury ma. There is a great difference between a normal cocktail and a craft cocktail and you will find that the craft cocktails tend to be more costly. When a bar claims that they serve up only craft cocktails, then you should be in for some show as these cocktails are usually made dedicatedly by hand and involve a lot of creativity

Looking into craft cocktails

Most of the time, craft cocktails in Shrewsbury ma are served by high-end bars because they can actually afford to serve the pricey cocktails to their patrons. Anyone who claims to serve craft cocktails must have very good bartenders who are able to mix the cocktails by hand and using handcrafted and artisan ingredients made from the establishment. Some places have the habit of using the term craft just so that they can be able to charge a high premium. You should always survey the places that claim to be making craft cocktails and see if it’s actually worth parting with your money

How do you know if a craft cocktail Shrewsbury MA bar is actually a craft cocktail bar?

The term craft cocktail Shrewsbury MA is being used haphazardly by any and all bars that want to charge a premium. You can actually be able to tell if you are being played for a fool by looking at the said bars and judging for yourself if they are a craft cocktail bar. Before we even get to the drinks, there are some common sense things that if you are observant enough, can give out the game that is being played on you.

  • If the bar you are in doesn’t seem to have any liquor, you should probably high tail it and go to a normal bar that at least has some idea of what they are doing. Cocktails can have liquors or not but this doesn’t mean that the bar you are in shouldn’t have any in stock! What makes cocktails very unique is the liquor that is added in a very creative way. If there is no liquor, do not expect any craft cocktails and you shouldn’t waste your money there.
  • The only thing you see at the bar are packed juice boxes. Any bar that serves you juice from a box is not a bar you want to pay premium money for cocktails. As we have mentioned, craft cocktails are very similar to artisanal food making and therefore the only thing that your bar is allowed to use prepacked is the alcoholic ingredients. They should at least make their own juice if they will charge you such a high price for the cocktail
  • They only have the common booze and at that, it’s the cheap kind. We figure a serious bar that serves craft cocktails will have a wide range of different spirits, liquors, bitters and the like. If they only have one vodka and its Smirnoff vodka or one whiskey and its famous grouse, there is a joke that is being played and you are the recipient
  • A clueless bartender is one of the most painful things you have to deal with at a bar. Craft cocktails strongly imply that the bartender is a mixologist or at the very least that they understand cocktails and how to make them. If your bartender is fumbling about or has no idea what you have order is or proceeds to give you a blank stare when you inquire about a certain cocktail, you should just wake up and leave’
  • It’s surprising how some bars never take the time to really look at the ice that they serve their customers. Any bar that will claim they serve craft cocktails must have ice that has been made in house and that has been shaped by hand. Remember, craft cocktails are intimate cocktails made by hand
  • If your bar looks dodgy, then it probably is a dodgy place that will more likely serve you cheap substitutes in place of your craft cocktail.

What does a craft cocktail Shrewsbury MA bartender need to know?

Not all bartenders are a mixologist and this is an important point to note when you are looking into drinking craft cocktails. Some have actually gone to school and learned the art of mixology while others have learned on the job. Some just have no interest whatsoever and have relegated the mixology bit to their colleagues. Still, there are some basics that are expected from every bartender and they are:

  • They should at least know the common and most popular cocktail drinks that are served in bars. They should also have a very clear picture of what patrons are most likely to order and know the ingredients by heart. Even if they won’t be the ones making the cocktail for you, they should be able to talk cocktail with you before passing on your order to their mixologist
  • A bartender must have the ability to serve many people at once without being confused or losing track of which order is which.
  • They should also be able to handle cash without nicking it as well as manage the stock. How else will they know what costs what and the ingredients for a cocktail?
  • Maintaining the crowd and ensuring that a disaster does not happen is one of the roles of a good bartender and the best have mastered the art
  • They must be the go-to person when you want that drink that you haven’t found anywhere else. This is because they are expected to know alcohol and alcoholic drinks at a blink

There are some really good places in Shrewsbury that you can get craft cocktails. All you need to do is remember the characteristics of a typical bar that claims to only serve craft cocktails and the characteristics of their bartenders