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best restaurants in Shrewsbury ma, Massachusetts


Finding a good restaurant is not that hard as long as you know what exactly you are looking for in terms of the food and the ambiance. Food plays a very big role when it comes to deciding on the restaurant you will be having your meal. Some people when looking at the best restaurants in Shrewsbury ma overlook ambiance if the food is very good. Of course, you can’t really judge a restaurant by its ambiance alone as there is some very very good ‘hole in the wall’ places that have some of the best food you will ever taste. Shrewsbury is not a big town when you compare to other towns in Massachusetts but it has a lot of restaurants that specialize in different kind of cuisine and meals.

How do you start looking for a good restaurant?

As we have mentioned before, finding a restaurant is very easy when you have an idea of what exactly you want. What we mean is this; clearly understanding your expectation makes finding a restaurant very easy. You need to look at the kind of food that is being served and whether or not it serves the occasion. If you are hosting an office dinner, perhaps it would not be well to go to a fast food restaurant unless it has been discussed beforehand. You might have to settle for a semi-formal setting so that you don’t lose the office. Before you settle on some of the best restaurants in Shrewsbury ma, these are just some of the things you should look into:

  • Is the location of the restaurant ideal for you? You might opt to go to a restaurant that lets you walk to and from or the location of the restaurant could be just one of those things that do not have an effect on your final decision.
  • When you want to find a restaurant, having some sort of plan that maps out some that interests you and going out to an inspection is one of the best way to decide whether or not a the particular restaurant works for you.
  • If you are lucky enough, you might be part of a culinary tour that is passing through Shrewsbury and having a sample from the restaurants. If you are part of this crew, it makes your work very easy as you can also go around sampling and getting a feel of the restaurants
  • Checking online is one of the best ideas you can have when it comes to finding a restaurant. Not only will you be able to get specific results, but you can also be able to analyze the ratings and read the reviews. What customers have to say about a restaurant sheds some light on your expectations and this will prepare you well when you are going for a meal.
  • Another option that is perhaps as effective as checking online and reading the reviews is asking your friends or colleagues for a reference. When you ask for a reference, you have to keep in mind that we have different tastes and therefore what someone else’s like might not be best for you
  • When you are doing your research that involves paying a visit to some of the restaurants, you should look at whether it is crowded and whether it has a long line whether for customers waiting to be sat or for making orders. You should then check the budget to see whether what you are seeing and the menu correlate.
  • There are mobile apps that you can easily download on your mobile device and they will guide you on where to go when you want to visit a restaurant
  • If you will be accompanied by people who are on a diet or do not eat some kind of food or if you have children in tow, then you must find a friendly restaurant that can be able to cater for the needs of this people

What are some of the best restaurants in Shrewsbury ma?

There are many sites as well as apps that you can use when you want to find some of the top restaurants in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

  • Uptown Mediterranean restaurant

The restaurant serves a mixture of Mediterranean cuisine that includes the Lebanese cuisine. They also have a takeaway bar and this is one of the reasons why they have been rated so high among its peers. You can find it located at 1000 Boston Turnpike in Shrewsbury, MA

  • Hillside Grill

Located at 73 W Main Street is a traditional restaurant that is primarily Greek and American in cuisine. It is a diner setting kind of restaurant and it has been rated even higher than the Uptown Mediterranean Restaurant!

  • Burtons Bar&Grill

A relatively new restaurant in the area, the Burtons Bar&Grill serves American food and also seafood. Located on 193 Boston Turnpike, the restaurant takes reservations which makes it even more ideal

  • Lakeside Bar&Grill

On 93 Boston Turnpike, you will find the Lakeside Bar&Grill that gives you a 7% cash back when you visit them and order a meal. Their type of food is American traditional Cuisine and seafood.

  • Pho Sure

You will find Pho Sure at 100 Boston Turnpike and they are a Vietnamese restaurant that has been rated highly and also applauded for its cleanliness

Tips about understanding the best restaurants in Shrewsbury ma

What you really need to look at the end of the day is the kind of food that is being served. You can then opt to look at the cuisine and decide whether it’s something you would like try because you have either had it before or you want to experiment.

Afterwards, you can decide to look at how the meal will be served to you and whether you will be required to pay beforehand or pay after you have had your meal. There are other factors that you can look into like the customer service provided to its customers, how long it takes for an order to be done among other things