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Vegetarian Restaurants Mount Pleasant SC, South Carolina


 When looking for high quality food at one of the most delicious vegetarian restaurants, Mount Pleasant, SC diners should visit Burtons Grill. Located at 1875 North Highway 17 in the Mt. Pleasant Towne Centre, Burtons Grill is the perfect place to enjoy lunch, host a party, or sit down with friends or family for a casual and delicious meal. When you visit Burtons Grill, you will be met with unmatched service, fresh and local ingredients, and an atmosphere where it’s easy to simply sit down, relax, and enjoy the art of eating.


Keeping it Local at this Vegetarian Restaurant Mount Pleasant, SC


As any lover of vegetables would agree, the best vegetarian meals are made from local ingredients. Out of all the vegetarian restaurants in Mount Pleasant, SC, Burtons Grill is the most known for using fresh, local vegetables. We know that quality is important to you, and that’s why we make it our top priority. You’ll love our vegetarian options, and will have trouble settling on just one delicious vegetarian meal here at Burtons Grill.


Something for Everyone at this Vegetarian Restaurant Mount Pleasant, SC

While a robust menu of vegetarian options is available at this vegetarian restaurant in Mount Pleasant, SC, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Not only do we offer a wide array of local, fresh, and delicious vegetarian options including our popular farmer’s market rigatoni and medley risotto, but also meat lovers alike can enjoy any of our popular dishes. Some of the most delicious meat dishes include pan roasted chicken, Mediterranean chicken risotto, filet mignon, and more.


Make a Reservation at our Vegetarian Restaurant Mount Pleasant, SC

Enough talk about our delicious food; we would love to see you come through our doors. Make a reservation at one of the best Vegetarian Restaurants Mount Pleasant, SC has to offer by calling (843) 606-2590 now.