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Out of all the private dining restaurants Mount Pleasant, SC has to offer, Burtons Grill is one of the best. Not only do we offer delicious food, but also we take pride in our ambiance. When you come to Burtons Grill, you will get engaging and individualized service to meet the needs of your private party. To be amongst the best private dining restaurants in Mount Pleasant, SC, we work hard to provide an atmosphere that will be comfortable for you and your party.


Polished Service and Private Dining Restaurants Mount Pleasant, SC


As part of your experience at one of the best private dining restaurants in Mount Pleasant, SC, our staff at Burtons Grill offers professional and polished service. When you come to our restaurant, you can count on caring and customized service. You can also count on an environment that resembles a highbrow restaurant, rather than a food chain. Our customers are our priority, and we will bend over backwards to make sure your private dining experience is perfect.


Book Burtons Grill Over Other Private Dining Restaurants in Mount Pleasant, SC


We would love to see you and your private dining party at Burtons Grill. Please feel free to contact us at (843) 606-2590 in order to make a reservation. We know that you will enjoy Burtons Grill out of all of the private dining restaurants in Mount Pleasant, SC.

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Emily Kearley
General Manager