Crab Cakes Charlottesville VA, Virginia


There are many different places to find delicious crab cakes, but the best crab cakes Charlottesville, VA experience comes from Burtons Grill. We are located at Route 29 & Hydraulic Road in Charlottesville, VA, which means we are just close enough to get fresh, local, and tasty crab for our crab cakes. We use plump crabmeat and blend it together with a proprietary blend of seasonings that are special to Burtons Grill.


Crab Cakes, 22.95: Our crab cakes come from super lump crabmeat and are blended with various seasonings that make the crab cake just perfect. Additionally, the crab cakes are lightly breaded and pan-fried to perfection. These crab cakes are then served with mustard sauce, cole slaw, and hand cut French fries, which act as perfect complements to the meal.


For more information about our offering of crab cakes in Charlottesville, VA, feel free to ask any of our knowledgeable servers who would be happy to help you.


Local Crab Cakes in Charlottesville, VA Are the Perfect Regional Dish


In order to maintain the utmost freshness of our crab cakes in Charlottesville, VA, we get our crab locally. Additionally, we make everything in our kitchen from scratch. We know there is nothing worse than going to a seafood restaurant on the east coast only to be met with prepackaged seafood. At Burtons Grill, that just doesn’t fly. Instead, we feed you crab that comes right from our local area. We want you to enjoy the best of the best crab cakes in Charlottesville, VA.


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We would love to see you in Burtons Grill. Call us today at (434) 977-1111 to reserve your table and to enjoy the best crab cakes Charlottesville, VA has to offer.