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Casual Restaurants Alexandria VA, Virginia


Are you interested in restaurants that offer the hip environment of casual restaurants Alexandria, VA? If so, Burtons Grill is the restaurant of choice. Burtons Grill is a full service from scratch kitchen that offers the polished casual dining experience. This means that while you can come in casual attire and feel free to relax, our servers never will. Your servers will give you all the benefits of visiting a top tier restaurant, but you won’t have to pay top tier prices. We know you will love it here at Burtons Grill.


What it Means to be a Casual Restaurant in Alexandria, VA


You may be wondering what makes Burtons Grill one of the best establishments offering the experience of a casual restaurant in Alexandria, VA. We have an experienced team of leaders and servers that are dedicated to making your experience top notch. Additionally, we have considered every aspect of what makes a restaurant great, and are committed to following through with extraordinary attention to detail. Not only is our staff professional and knowledgeable, but also our food is made from scratch, sourced locally, and there are multiple menu items available for people who like different kinds of foods. Really, we have thought of it all, and that’s what makes us the top establishment offering a casual restaurant in Alexandria, VA.


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Call us at Burtons Grill today to make a reservation at your convenience. We know all our diners will love the casual restaurant Alexandria, VA experience, and we can’t wait to serve you.