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How do I join the Burtons Grill Rewards program?

The best way to join is through the Burtons Grill Rewards app, available for iPhone and Android. If you do not have a phone, you can join in-restaurant or through our web portal here.

Do I get anything for signing up?

Yes, new members receive a $15 signup reward after making a first purchase with their new account.

What are the benefits of joining the Burtons Grill Rewards?

There are many great perks for joining:

  • Earn one point for every dollar spent at our restaurants*
  • Spend 300 points to receive $25 off**
  • Spend 500 points to receive $50 off**
  • Enjoy a complimentary dessert during your birthday month
  • Earn a $15 referral reward for each friend who signs up using your unique code
  • Receive custom offers based on your dining habits and preferences

*Excludes gift card purchases, except during special promotional periods.

**Rewards cannot be used to discount gift cards at any location, and rewards cannot be used to discount alcoholic beverages in Massachusetts.

Do I have to earn points to get rewards?

Earning points is the best way to maximize your rewards. However, you will receive a complimentary dessert during your birthday month regardless of whether you have earned points. We may also provide other rewards from time to time that are customized for you.

Is there a referral program? How does it work?

You will earn a $15 reward when your friend uses your invite code during signup and makes their first purchase. To invite a friend using the app, go to “More” at the bottom right, and then tap “Invite Friends”. You will see a code that you can copy or share. You can also view your invite code when signed into our online portal on the “Invite Friends” page. When your friend signs up, they should put your code into the “Invite Code” field. You will receive the reward automatically when your friend completes their first purchase.

Do I need to download the app?

We encourage you to use our app for the best experience, but it is completely optional! If you don’t want to install the app, you may ask your server to look up your points and rewards in-restaurant by providing you phone number. In addition, we have a web portal where you can check your points balance and see available rewards at home.


Do I need to register a card to be a member of the Burtons Grill Rewards?

No, you no longer need a physical or virtual loyalty card to use our program. We recommend that you sign up in the app and share the QR code with your server to earn points. You may also earn by providing your phone number. 

I have a physical Burtons Grill Rewards Card – will it still work?

You no longer need a physical card. You can migrate to our new rewards program using the app or our online portal here. If you know your card number, you can put enter it during migration to ensure all of your rewards and points are transferred to your new rewards account. Once you have migrated, you can earn and redeem using the app or your phone number. 

What if I really want a physical card and don’t want to use a mobile app to earn points & redeem rewards?

While you will no longer be able to use your card, you can still use your phone number to earn points and redeem rewards in the restaurant.


Can I place an order through the app?

Yes! Tap the “ORDER” button and then choose a location to get started with an online order

Can I redeem rewards & earn points when placing online orders?

Yes! Orders placed within the Burtons Grill app automatically earn points; a reward can be selected prior to entering your order or while checking out. If ordering via our website, simply tap “Sign In with Burtons Grill Rewards” and enter your rewards account details to earn and redeem.


How do I earn points?

You can earn your points in a few different ways:

  • When dining in our restaurants, ask your server to add the points to your account using your phone number.
  • Alternatively, tap the ADD POINTS button on the home page of the app and show the QR code to your server. They will scan it into our Point of Sale system to add points to your account.
  • If you forget to mention your rewards account before you pay your bill, save your receipt! You can use the app to scan the QR code at the bottom of a closed receipt to earn points for your visit. Tap the Add Points button to bring up the scanner.
  • You may also send a picture of your receipt to, and our team will add the points to your account manually.
  • When signed in with your rewards account, online orders placed using the Burtons Grill app or through our website will earn points automatically.
How do I check my point balance?

In your app, you will see your points balance on the Home page. If you don’t have the app, you can check your point balance on our web portal here

If I forget to scan, can I still earn points?

Yes! You may scan receipts into the app as long as they are less than 90 days old.

Do points expire if I don’t use them?

Yes, points will expire after 365 days without a check-in (visit to our restaurant or online order).

How long do I have to scan a receipt before it’s no longer valid?

You have 90 days to scan a receipt and earn points. We may reduce this threshold at any time. 

I tried to scan a few receipts at once but received an error message. What did I do wrong?

We limit the number of receipts that can be scanned at once to prevent fraud. If you have trouble, you may always reach out to for assistance. 

Can I earn points on third party delivery orders?

You may be able to earn points on these orders in select circumstances. If your order is delivered with a receipt containing a QR code at the bottom, you can scan this into the app to earn points on that order. Alternatively, you may send a photo of your receipt to so our team can assist you.

To make sure you always earn points for takeout & delivery, order directly from us in the app or at

Can I earn points on purchases I made before joining the Burtons Grill Rewards program?

Yes! Once you join the Burtons Grill Rewards program, you may scan receipts as long as they are less than 90 days old.



There are multiple ways to redeem a reward when dining in:

    • Let your server know you’d like to redeem a reward. They will use your phone number to look up your account, see which rewards are available, and apply your chosen reward to the check.
    • Alternatively, tap the REDEEM REWARDS button on the home page of the app, select REDEEM IN-STORE on your chosen reward and show the QR/number code to your server. They will enter it into our Point of Sale system to add points to your account.
hOW DO I REDEEM A REWARD When Ordering Online?

There are also multiple ways to redeem a reward when ordering online:

    • When placing an online order in the Burtons Grill App, make sure you are signed into your account. You can pre-select a reward before placing your order by tapping the REDEEM REWARDS button on the home page of the app, then tapping REDEEM ONLINE on your chosen reward. This will start a new order and automatically apply your chosen reward, which can be reviewed or swapped on the checkout screen.
    • Alternatively, start a new online order by tapping the car icon on the bottom navigation bar, then tapping START A NEW ORDER (or REORDER on a favorite or recent order). Any available rewards or offers can be applied on the checkout screen.
Can I use two rewards at the same time?

You may only use one reward per check or online order.

Can I use a reward with another offer or coupon?

This is typically not permitted, but there may be certain situations where it is allowed. Please check the terms of your offer/coupon for details. 


I’m already a member of the {B} Loyal program, will I still have all my points & rewards when I sign up?

Yes! Please be sure to migrate your account to ensure that your points and rewards are transferred. 

How do I make sure my new account is connected to my old one?

When you install the app, you will be given the option to migrate your legacy account. If you don’t want to download the app, you can migrate through our website here.

Your phone number and email are required for migration. Your Burtons Grill Rewards number is optional, but can help ensure that the right information is migrated if your phone or email don’t match an existing account.
If you have any trouble migrating your account, or find that your migrated balance is missing or inaccurate, please contact us at

I lost my Loyalty card number AND/OR can’t remember the DETAILS aSSOCIATED with my account. how can I still make sure I still get my points AND rewards?

Please reach out to with your name, email, and phone number, and we will assist with locating your account. In the meantime, be sure to save your receipts so that you can earn points on orders placed before your new account it open.

I have two different accounts I’d like to merge with my new account, what should I do?

Please reach out to with the details for each of the accounts, and let us know which login details you would like to use going forward. 


What if I have OTHER problems with my account or have a question that is not answered here?

Please reach out to for any further questions or support. When you do, be sure to provide as much information as possible about your issue so we can help you quickly.