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North Star Rink Shrewsbury MA, Massachusetts


The North Star Rink in Shrewsbury MA is one the best ice rinks that promote hockey skating as well as figure skating. The organization is a nonprofit and its primary job is to promote ice skating be it for hokey or simply figure skating. The whole point of the North Star Rink in Shrewsbury ma is to see to it that sports which involve ice and skating are being promoted and that the community and anyone else interested is able to do so without any worries. They have listed their primary three objectives as:

  • Promoting all ice sporting activities like hokey skating, figure skating and any other that falls within the ice sporting criteria
  • To see to it that all other communities that are interested in ice sporting activities have very good relationships with them
  • To make sure that the building, as well as the properties which are all collectively owned by their sponsor Nothboro Youth Hockey Program Inc, are well taken care of and in good condition

What Should You Expect To Find At The Rink?

Whether you are visiting the facility on your own or if you are going with friends or family, the North Star rink is a great place for anyone who is interesting in icing sports. As it mainly focuses on skating, you and your friends are able to have a very nice time and it’s made even better as they have instructors who can show you the ropes if you are a newbie.

  • You will find 3 full-size ice sheets that are very well maintained
  • They have 2 off- ice rooms if you don’t want to be part of the ice activities
  • They have conference rooms where you can have meetings and conferences
  • They have snack bars which means you will find snacks at your convenience whether or not you are participating in the sports
  • They have a viewing area that faces the rink. It is very warm and gives you a very clear view of the activities that take place at the ice rink
  • They have ample parking on site which means you are assured of safety of your vehicle

North Star Rink Shrewsbury, MA – How Do You Learn How To Skate?

Skating is one of the easiest things you can be able to do when on ice or at a rink. If you have never skated before, there are many companies that offer to teach you and they will take you at a pace that is suitable for a newbie. North Star also offers skating lessons for children and adults and you are required beforehand to register with them before you begin.

When you want to learn how to skate at North Star, you will have an option of classes which are run on Wednesday and over the weekend. You have to confirm with them when you can book but ideally, if you want a Wednesday class, you should have booked by Monday midnight and the weekend classes are to be booked by midnight on Wednesday. There might be openings on the specific days if there is space and if you are late, you can always call to confirm.

The ages for kids range from 5 years to under 18. You are highly encouraged to come as a newbie in a group to make the experience more enjoyable. There are membership costs that you will have to pay at 75 dollars a person a year and thereafter for 25 minutes on the rink, you will pay 5 dollars. If you want to be taught privately, you will have to pay 25 dollars for every 25 minutes you are on the ice rink.

What Skating Services Are Offered At North Star Rink, Shrewsbury, MA?

Figure skating is a skating service that is offered at North Star. Whether you are a professional or not, if you want to figure skate at North Star, you are able to do so in either of their 3 very large ice rinks. If you are not aware of what figure skating is, it is simply a sport where you will find either an individual or a group or even a couple performing by use of figure skates on the ice rink. It is a very popular sport and both men and women, as well as children, participate in it.

Public skating is another skating sport that is provided and it involves skating that is a bit amateurish. You are allowed to come with your own skates or you can opt to rent from the booth at North Star. It is more of a fun event and you usually find rinks filled with people having fun. It is timed so you have to make sure you have the best time while at the rink.

At North Star, you are given the opportunity to learn how to skate. All you have to do is register online as that is where all applications are done and then book the classes that you want to attend. You will be required to register as a member of North Star where you will be expected to pay some fee and then from then you will be paying per lesson. They have private lessons that you can opt to take and which are a bit pricier than the standard rates.

Tips For Ice Skating At North Star Rink Shrewsbury, MA

  • Always pay attention to what’s ahead of you in order to avoid accidents. You can end up bumping into someone and this could lead to a very nasty fall
  • Make sure that you have good skates that fit you well and that also have good support when you are skating
  • When tying your skates, make sure that you do them correctly so that they fit you snugly. No matter your level, always warm up slowly until you get the hang of things
  • Try as much as possible not to lean backwards as you will fall and could hit your head very badly
  • The temporary rinks are there for you to use them
  • Always follow the skating direction indicated to avoid hurting yourself or harming others

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