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Gluten Free Salem MA, Massachusetts


For dining out gluten free, Salem, MA residents can come to Burtons Grill. We’re a local favorite amongst our regulars with gluten sensitivities because of our extensive (and delicious) gluten free menus. Here at Burtons Grill, we take food allergies very seriously, and respect that our guests come to us trusting that we handle their food with care and consideration for their requests. That being said, we also understand how ostracizing it can be to be the only one in a party who has to request gluten free. Salem, MA diners who come to Burtons Grill in the North Shore Mall, can rest assured that they will not be singled out because of their requests, but rather treated with care and respect.

We Understand the Need for Gluten Free in Salem, MA

As a company run by a man with Celiac disease, we understand what it means to be able to enjoy a delicious meal and glass of wine at a restaurant with friends and family, and not have to worry about ordering gluten free. Salem, MA residents with gluten allergies and sensitivities can trust that we will handle their food separately in the kitchen, but not make a big fuss when it is delivered. We go above and beyond for our gluten free guests in a way that makes them feel confident in the food and drink they consume, as well as in knowing they won’t feel singled out.

Deliciously Prepared Dining Options for Gluten Free in Salem, MA

Our gluten free menu is full of delicious flavors, and excellent entrees made from scratch in our kitchen. We offer great lunch and dinner options, including our popular Salmon Piccata, $22.95, which is made with wild, North Atlantic salmon, lightly bronzed and served over Italy imported gluten free pasta with spinach in a delicate caper lemon butter sauce. Call us today to make a reservation for your next night out at (978) 977-0600. For delicious wine and food that’s gluten free, Salem, MA residents can always count on Burtons Grill.

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