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Allergy Friendly North Andover, Massachusetts


If you love going to a restaurant to eat but you need to ensure that they have a menu that is allergy friendly, North Andover, MA, residents should come in to Burtons Grill. We have an amazing selection of menu items and we can adjust almost all of them to be allergy friendly. We will always do our very best to fully accommodate your need for allergy friendly menu items so you can enjoy restaurant dining without worrying about your food allergies. Please tell your your server about your food allergy as soon as you receive your menu and he or she will explain which food items contain your allergen, and which can be modified to be completely allergy friendly. North Andover, MA chefs at Burtons Grill are trained in all the precautions necessary to ensure an allergy friendly meal. Our kitchens have separate food prep stations, separate knives, and separate cookware to provide you with a safe, enjoyable dining experience.  Come visit us 7 days a week for lunch or dinner and enjoy allergy friendly dining.

Restaurant that is Allergy Friendly, North Andover, MA

When we opened Burtons Grill in 2005 we had a goal of delighting every one of our guests, each time they visit. When you want to go out to eat, we know there are a lot of choices in restaurants. When you are considering a restaurant but have a need for a menu that is allergy friendly, North Andover, MA diners should call us for a reservation or come walk in. We believe that you will love joining us for a meal whether you need food that is allergy friendly or not.

Our exceptional chefs are able to customize our menu offerings to meet your dietary needs. We can provide you with a delicious meal whether your food allergies are more common such as gluten, all seafood, shellfish only, or dairy, or if you have an allergy to a certain berry, spice, or herb.

Our goal is to earn your loyalty every time you visit our restaurant. We appreciate your loyalty and we know how important it is to earn it each time you visit.

Try Our Menu of Allergy Friendly North Andover, MA Foods Today

Don’t let dining out be stressful just because you need a menu that is allergy friendly. North Andover, MA customers should feel free to stop by with a group of friends, enjoy a family dinner out, or pick up a meal to go. We pride ourselves on providing quality service and freshly prepared foods, and we will take care to prepare you with a delicious allergy friendly meal anytime.

Call us at 978-688-5600 to place an order or make a reservation today. When eating allergy friendly, North Andover, MA diners will be impressed by Burtons Grill amazing menu.