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Gluten Free Restaurants Norfolk VA, Virginia


When they want the best of the area’s gluten free restaurants, Norfolk, VA diners come to Burtons Grill. We’re located at the Marketplace at Hilltop right next door in Virginia Beach. Our upscale, yet laid back restaurant is known throughout the area as the best place for individuals with gluten allergies to dine. We understand how inconvenient it can be to dine out with friends or family when you have a gluten intolerance, which is why we have perfected great lunch and dinner menus designed to accommodate our gluten free guests.

Gluten Free Restaurants near Norfolk, VA That are Open 7 Days a Week

Come to Burtons Grill any day of the week for lunch or dinner and see what we have to offer that other gluten free restaurants in Norfolk, VA simply do not. Our tasty gluten free menus are full of excellent pasta dishes, made from Italian gluten free pasta. We also offer fried gluten free food that our patrons love. When you come to Burtons Grill to dine gluten free, you can trust that we will go above and beyond to ensure that you have a safe experience, without feeling singled out.

The Best Dishes at the Top Choice for Gluten Free Restaurants near Norfolk, VA

Amongst our popular gluten free dishes, Norfolk, VA diners love our Battered Fish and Chips, $18.95. Made with fresh cod, battered and served with house made cole slaw and hand cut fries, this dish is a favorite amongst our regular gluten free guests. Call us today at (757) 422-8970 to make your reservations. For the top choice of gluten free restaurants, Norfolk, VA diners should come to Burtons Grill.

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