Gluten Free Restaurants Mount Pleasant SC, South Carolina


Interested in visiting one of the best gluten free restaurants in Mount Pleasant, SC? At Burtons Grill, we understand that not everyone has the same dietary needs, and that’s why we offer a complete menu with both vegetarian and gluten free options. Our gluten free options include everything from appetizers and delicious salads to hearty entrees and desserts. At Burtons Grill, you can rest assured that you will be able to find a gluten free meal that both settles well and satisfies.


Top Service at One of the Best Gluten Free Restaurants in Mount Pleasant, SC


One of the most important parts of our mission as one of the top gluten free restaurants in Mount Pleasant, SC is a commitment to the highest quality of service. As such, we want to know about any dietary restrictions you may have. Simply let your server know what you would like to order, what options are available to you, and we will bend over backwards to make a meal that works perfectly just for you. We know that gluten intolerance is difficult when dining out, and that’s why we work hard to make it easy for you.


Certified Menu at our Gluten Free Restaurant in Mount Pleasant, SC


Not only will our servers take great care of you, but also you can be certain that our gluten free menu really is gluten free. Our menu is 100% gluten free, and certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group. It’s just another step we take at Burtons Grill to make sure you get the meal you deserve.



Reserve a Table at our Gluten Free Restaurant in Mount Pleasant, SC


We can’t wait to seat you! To reserve a table at our gluten free restaurant in Mount Pleasant, SC, please give us a call at (843) 606-2590 today.