Gluten Free Lowell MA, New Hampshire


At Burtons, we provide the best in gluten free, Lowell, MA and beyond. We understand that being gluten free can make it difficult for someone to dine out. At Burtons, we understand this very well due to the fact that our CEO, Kevin Harron, follows a strict gluten free diet himself. In this way, it is ingrained in the company to accommodate to those who are gluten free. Lowell, MA eaters can trust that the cuisine prepared at Burtons Grill will meet their needs, with no exceptions.


The Best in Gluten Free, Lowell, MA and Beyond

Within our premises, all allergies are treated with the utmost respect. Everyone who works within our team is specially trained to be aware of many different types of allergies. If you are looking for a restaurant, and you or someone you know is gluten free, Lowell, MA residents can turn to our Nashua location for a friendly and accommodating eating environment.

We encourage all of our guests to share any specific allergy information at the start of their meals so that our staff is educated about your needs beforehand. If this step is taken, your experience at Burtons Grill will be completely accommodated to you and your needs. Despite our commitment to the accommodation of all eaters, you will never feel like you are singled out. At Burtons Grill, we deal with customers daily who have food allergies or are gluten free. Lowell, MA locals know that we are the area experts.


Trust the Experts for Eating Gluten Free Lowell, MA

If you or someone you know has specific needs relating to their diet, Burtons Grill can help. Our experts can make sure that you have an excellent restaurant experience. When looking to eat gluten free, Lowell, MA residents can choose Burtons Grill.

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