Allergy Friendly Lowell, New Hampshire


When it comes to allergy friendly Lowell locals send the highest praise to Burtons Grill. It is our pleasure to accommodate guests who follow specific diets. At Burtons Grill, we are very aware of the many different dietary needs of our customers. Serving up dishes that accommodate to all types of eaters is something that is very close to our hearts as a business. This is in part because of Burtons CEO, Kevin Harron, who follows a strict gluten free diet due to celiac disease.

Great Food from Allergy Friendly Restaurants near Lowell, MA

For the absolute best when it comes to allergy friendly restaurants, Lowell residents turn to Burtons Grill. If you eat with us, you can decide from our great tasting allergy friendly options including:

  • Chopped Blue Cheese Salad, $10.95: Chopped iceberg tossed with grape tomatoes, red onions and buttermilk blue cheese dressing, topped with blue cheese.
  • Mediterranean Angel Hair, $14.95: Artichoke hearts, roasted tomatoes, spinach and kalamata olives blended with white wine and feta cheese, served over angel hair pasta.

The Best of the Allergy Friendly Restaurants near Lowell, MA

For one of the area’s best allergy friendly restaurants, Lowell locals can depend on Burtons Grill to serve up fine cuisine that is a joy to eat. Call us today at (978) 692-1220 and let us know you will be stopping by! For the greatest of all the area’s allergy friendly restaurants, Lowell should look no further than Burtons Grill.

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