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Gluten Free Restaurants Charlotte NC, North Carolina


Burtons Grill is proud to be one of the top gluten free restaurants Charlotte, NC has to offer. We know that not everyone can tolerate the same kinds of foods, and so we make it a priority to cater to different types of dietary needs. As such, we offer a regular menu, a vegetarian menu, and, of course, a gluten free menu. At Burtons Grill, we don’t skimp on any of our food. Just because something is gluten free, doesn’t mean that it’s not totally and completely delicious.


Check Out the Menu at our Gluten Free Restaurant in Charlotte, NC


If you are searching for a robust gluten free menu at one of the gluten free restaurants in Charlotte, NC look no further than Burtons Grill. We offer a 2-page menu full of gluten free options that you will be sure to enjoy. Since we want you to be able to enjoy a full menu, we offer fresh options of appetizers, salads, and entrees.


Top Certified Gluten Free Restaurants in Charlotte, NC


At Burtons Grill, we take so much pride in our gluten free restaurant in Charlotte, NC that we have even taken our menu to the gluten intolerance board for review. We are proud to say that our menu is gluten free certified by the Gluten Intolerance Group, and you can rest assured that the item you choose from our gluten free menu will be legitimately gluten free, and will settle well.


Out of the Gluten Free Restaurants in Charlotte, NC, We’re the Best


When looking for a gluten free restaurant, you’ll be hard pressed to find a menu better than what’s offered here at Burtons Grill. Pick up the phone and give us a call today to make your reservation at one of the best gluten free restaurant Charlotte, NC has to offer.