Vegetarian Restaurants Military Trail, Florida


When searching for vegetarian restaurants, Military Trail diners should be sure to check out the menu at Burtons Grill. Our casual dining establishment is set in a fine dining atmosphere that offers delicious, scratch made menu items, and unbeatable service. If you, or a guest, is a vegetarian, you can rest assured that Burtons Grill on Military Trail will be more than happy to accommodate your preference. Other vegetarian restaurants in the Military Trail area do not have the variety provided by our professional kitchen.

Vegetarian Restaurants Military Trail Diners Choose for Variety

Although there are a variety of vegetarian restaurants Military Trail diners can choose from, none have the selection that Burtons Grill offers. Our mouth-watering vegetarian menu offers incredible appetizers and entrees for our valued guests to choose from. When it comes to starters, a favorite off of our vegetarian menu is the beet salad. Our delicious, hand crafted Beet Salad (10.95) is made from fresh farm beets tossed in homemade mustard vinaigrette with goat cheese, sweet onions that are roasted daily, and candied walnuts. Topped with fresh picked, buttery baby mache, this vegetarian favorite is sure to delight.

Wholesome Menu Items from Vegetarian Restaurants on Military Trail

Here at Burtons Grill on Military Trail, we are committed to providing our vegetarian guests with more variety than just salad. That’s why we’ve created a vegetarian menu with incredibly wholesome, delicious vegetarian fair. One of our favorite vegetarian entrees is the Famer’s Market Rigatoni (15.95). This tasty entrée is made from the freshest farm picked ingredients, including zucchini, red and yellow peppers, mushrooms, and hand picked tomatoes. Tossed in our house made oregano tomato cream sauce, this comforting, tasty entrée is a favorite amongst all of our guests. When it comes to vegetarian restaurants, Military Trail diners can rest assured that we are committed to accommodating all of our guests, and ensuring they leave our establishment completely satisfied.

Vegetarian Restaurants Military Trail Diners Choose Above the Competition

Call our restaurant today to make a reservation for enjoying a great vegetarian lunch or dinner with us. Out of all the vegetarian restaurants Military Trail diners have to choose from, Burtons Grill is the best option.

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