Five Things All Allergy-Friendly Restaurants Should Do

Five Things All Allergy-Friendly Restaurants Should Do

Food allergies are a growing concern for many who dine out. Here are five things that allergy-friendly restaurants should do to keep you safe when you are dining out with food allergies.

1. Ask if you have any food allergies
2. Always take time to answer questions
3. Be able to make modifications
4. Take all the necessary precautions to prepare food safely
5. Educate their staff

Ask If You Have Any Food Allergies
When you dine at a Burtons Grill & Bar location, one of the first questions your server will ask you is if you have any allergies. Before any food or drinks come to the table, we want to make sure that they are safe for your allergies. We also have a set plan in place to handle food allergies so that you can stay safe while dining with us.

Questions Are Ok
Dining out with allergies can be scary. Any allergy-certified restaurant should always welcome any questions that you have about your meal. You should never feel judged or uncomfortable about asking questions to ensure your meal is safe.

Modifications Are Easy
Allergy-friendly restaurants should be able to modify their dishes to be allergen-free. At Burtons Grill and Bar, we make everything on our menu from scratch. Preparing everything from scratch gives us more flexibility, so we can make more modifications than other restaurants.

Preparing Food Safely
To keep you safe, employees should always wash their hands and change their gloves when working on allergy meals. They should avoid cross-contamination by using separate, clean surfaces and new utensils. Allergy meals should be prepared on a distinctive plate or contain an identifier so that it is easy to tell that they need to remain allergy-free. They should be kept away from other dishes that contain allergens, so cross-contact does not occur. They should also be carried to the table separately from other dishes by a certified allergy specialist or manager.

Staff Education
An allergy-friendly restaurant should make sure all staff members have been trained to handle allergies. At Burtons Grill & Bar, we give everyone on our team extensive training, so they feel comfortable handling food allergies. Everyone on our team receives continuing food-allergy education so that they stay up to date and well informed.

If you are dining with a food allergy, give Burtons Grill & Bar a try. Check out our locations and make a reservation today!