Burtons Grill and Bar – A True Celiac-Friendly Restaurant!



Burtons Grill and Bar is a godsend. I’ve gotten sick so many times at restaurants, I rarely eat out anymore unless the entire restaurant is gluten free. It’s not worth the hassle and the risk to my health.

If I do try to eat out, I usually spend a ton of time interrogating the staff until they’re thoroughly annoyed with me, and until I’m pretty confident they have no idea how to prepare a celiac-safe meal.

I recently traveled to Virginia and, as I always do, packed a bunch of food in my suitcase and was fully prepared to eat from the grocery store. I was visiting with people, and someone said they’d looked online and found a celiac-friendly restaurant, Burtons Grill and Bar.


I called the restaurant and asked a bunch of questions before we went. To my utter astonishment, the hostess was able to answer my questions without transferring me to anyone else. She articulated that gluten free food is prepared in a separate area and strict procedures ensure no cross-contamination occurs.

I’ve been burned so many times before that I’m very slow to entertain hope. But I remembered to pack my Nima sensor (a portable gluten sensor), so I figured I’d give it a go. If they were wrong, my Nima would catch the error and keep me from getting sick.

When we arrived at the restaurant the hostess asked us if we needed any gluten free menus. This, in and of itself, was shocking. In the restaurant world, celiacs are always an afterthought and usually an extreme inconvenience. So to have someone offer me something as part of their standard process was pretty astounding.

We were seated and our waitress explained that gluten free food was prepared separately and that the gluten free area had dedicated, colored cutting boards and utensils to ensure no cross-contamination occurred.

She also explained that my food would come out on square plates (as opposed to circle plates on which the rest of the food was served) and that it would be served by a manager as yet another safety measure/cross-check.

Our waitress also explained that the restaurant’s CEO has celiac disease. She said he had challenges eating out and subsequently decided to make Burtons Bar and Grill a safe option for those with celiac disease.


If you’re gluten free and vegetarian or gluten free and paleo, they’ve got you covered! Burtons Grill and Bar’s gluten free menu is extensive—I HAD A WHOLE MENU OF CHOICES!Celiacs can have anything in green.

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