{B} Choosy Children’s Menu

Beginning November 2011, Burtons Grill, the New England based restaurant group with fifteen locations currently located in: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Virginia, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina unveiled {B} Choosy, a new children’s menu and concept designed to offer children unlimited options for a healthy, balanced and quality meal, all at an amazing value.

Modeled after the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) new MyPlate program, an initiative reminding consumers to make healthier food decisions, the {B} Choosy kids menu allows children to choose from a list of ingredients and preparation methods which will be portioned and served according to the newest guidelines for nutrition.

“Our children’s menu speaks to our entire philosophy at Burtons Grill,” said Kevin Harron, CEO of Burtons Grill. “We pride ourselves on offering flexible, healthy and quality dining options to our guests, and our children should be no different. When parents go out to dinner they should be able to relax knowing that their child will have a healthy, enjoyable meal at a great value, and our {B} Choosy menu does just that.”

Depicted by a familiar, color-coded place setting, the  menu will give children various options in each of the five food groups (fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy and grains), giving them the flexibility of ordering any combination of any of the five groups- essentially offering limitless options for even the pickiest eater.

Kids will still be able to enjoy the classics, such as a hamburgers and ham and cheese, but they’ll also be able to expand their palate with options such as fresh fish, steak or salmon. All caregivers can rest easy because no matter what a child is in the mood for, they’ll be able to personalize their plate by choosing up to four additional sides including everything from seasonal fruit, pasta, and seasonal vegetables. The best part? No matter what a child orders, every {B} Choosy meal is $7.95 or $9.95  for children 12 and under (dine in only).

View Menu (Dine In Only)

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