Tips & Tricks on making the perfect Burtons burger at home!

Make the perfect Burtons burger at home!

Now that the warm weather is finally here we want to share with you some tips on how to make the perfect Burtons Grill & Bar burger at home! The Classic Cheeseburger has been a staple on our menu since we opened in 2005.          The secret to cooking the perfect Burtons burger starts with the meat. We source our burgers from Schweid & Sons, a family run business out of Carlstadt, New Jersey. When it comes to burgers a lean to fat ratio of 80% meat to 20% fat is the best. This gives the Burtons burger the best optimal flavor. Additionally, we use a blend of Chuck, Sirloin and Round beef all of which are Certified Angus Beef. A common mistake people make is buying lean ground beef. Yes, it is a healthier option however it does not make the best burger. Once you have selected the perfect blend of meat, the next step is to hand press the meat into 7 ounce patties. Before putting the patty on the grill top it with ½ tsp of Cajun seasoning (¼ tsp on each side) and then place it on the grill (see recipe below). Let the patty grill for 2 minutes before rotating a ¼ turn and cook for 2 more minutes. This will create those perfect diamond shapes on the patty. After flipping, repeat the process and cook to desired temperature. The secret to ensuring you get that Burtons burger taste at home is to never press or weigh down a hamburger while cooking, this squeezes out all of the juices and flavor! After the patty is cooked to perfection top with your favorite topping such as cheese, shredded lettuce, sliced tomato and/or onion. Place in between your desired toasted bun of choice and enjoy!   Additional cooking tips and tricks Cooking temperature time: (over medium high heat) Medium Rare: 6 or 7 minutes Medium: 8 minutes Well Done: 12 minutes

  • While cooking medium well and well done flatten the center of the burger so when cooking it does not puff up and keeps it’s perfectly round shape
  • If topping your burger with cheese put the cheese on about 45 seconds prior to desired doneness so the burger does not get overcooked while melting the cheese.

Following these simple steps will allow you to get the taste of Burtons at home and you will even impress your guest with your excellent grilling skills! Burtons burgers pair perfectly with a Sangria or a smoky Zinfandel.  Depending on which type of toppings you choose when pairing any food and beverage always keep in mind this basic rule- Big Flavors go with Big Flavors, or basically you don’t want the flavor to override the flavor of the other. As with any pairing the secret here is to experiment and have fun! Cajun Mix recipe:

1  cup Salt, Kosher
½  cup Paprika, Hungarian
6 tbsp Gran Onion
6 tbsp  Gran Garlic
3 tbsp  White Pepper
3 tbsp  Oregano Leaves, Dried
3 tbsp  Thyme, Dried Ground
3 tbsp  Cayenne
1) Mix all ingredients in mixer for 10 minutes
2) Transfer to a container with a lid. Spices will hold in air tight container for one month.